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The Bristol Group (TBG) is an independent, privately held real estate development firm headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey, with projects in New York, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, The Caribbean and other international locations. We specialize in mixed use development projects, which include, but not limited to, Hospitality, Retail, Residential, Institutional, thus allowing flexibility in unexpected volatile markets and economies, to reposition any portion of our projects to accommodate the current financial requirement. Our objective is to partner with local, solid developers to spearhead our projects.


We operate our businesses in an integrated manner, which we believe distinguishes us from others

We have successfully applied a strict investment philosophy since our founding in 1998, allowing us to identify what we believe to be attractive investment opportunities and create value for our investors/partners throughout economic cycles.
Our boutique style and collegial culture coupled with the creativity, out-of-the-box development ideologies, spirit, camaraderie and character of our organization stand in sharp alignment of final expectations. Most of our capital raises are sourced from high net worth individuals, private equity groups, hedge funds and family offices. We acquire with a focus on solid investments in cash flowing and capital market appreciating commercial real estate. We enjoy working with one another in this ever challenging market. The quality, integrity and independence of our advice, coupled with our unwavering commitment to service sets us apart in a crowded field.

We offer a solid consulting and advisory services, leasing and acquisitions expertise, negotiation and intermediary services as well as investment services dedicated to achieving maximum value through financial support and direct involvement.

  • Real estate is a business where local knowledge is key and those mega-managers that lose sight of the importance of local knowledge will experience hard times.
    Vincent Belgiovine
    Executive Director & CEO
    The Bristol Group


TBG’s services are rendered on a ‘quantum meruit’  basis, taking into consideration our skill sets, in house talent, tireless efforts, strategy, contacts, relationships, reputation, experiences, devotion, hard work and ability to deliver. TBG underwriting; our analysis; our due diligence; the amount of money invested or involved at risk and the results obtained; the time constraints imposed by the many people we are involved with or the set of circumstances we are faced with, specifically other investment opportunities or other relevant factors. The following process generally describes what our boutique operation accomplishes, acting as acquisition specialists:

Properties Location

Actively pursue developments in the market to source and locate potential properties for acquisition.

Due Diligence and Evaluation

Perform property analysis, due diligence and analysis-based valuation.

Management & Negotiation

Reduce overhead and streamline property management services mark-up. Negotiate purchase and sale agreements.

Tenants Qualification

Review and mark up leases and qualify existing tenants. Source and engage potential tenants

Properties Reposition

Reposition properties to bring back to the market for re-sale or refinance.


Negotiate and structure acquisition deals.


Review, strategize, and track market trends.

Fund Raising

Raise capital and debt as required.


Facilitate and organize Purchasers and Investors.

Investment Philosophy

If the investment partner’s goal is to assemble equity for a real property investment opportunity, we will effectively create a solution for each partner as we do not employ a cookie cutter approach. Each deal is customized and benefits not from one portfolio manager but from a team that brings many years of experience to bear on meeting the investment partner’s needs. We have access to co-investment real estate opportunities made available through the relationships TBG has developed with equity partners. We have direct real estate investment opportunities that will be sourced and impacted by the strengths and experiences of our relationship networks. Our access to large and active network of influential real estate industry leaders and ability to ascertain deal flow generated by TBG industry networks are a key element which enables us to seek out the right deals.

Our Investment Strategy

With a commitment to maintaining the company’s core strength and its ability to respond to opportunities in the capital markets, our in-house team of transactional and savvy consultants bring together the talent and skill-sets needed to successfully execute asset growth strategies.

The team manages the TBG portfolio with an eye towards maintaining maximum flexibility and favourably positioning the assets to take advantage of profitable opportunities.
Our extensive experience in the acquisition of large properties and our financial capability, reliability and flexibility enable us to examine the transaction’s situation and make a non-binding proposal in a timely manner. Our experience allows us to handle the entire process professionally and efficiently.


The Bristol Group’s Principal establishes all the investment programs that are consistent with the firm’s strategy. The Committee is also in charge of designing and implementing policies and procedures governing the firm’s operations and investment management processes.
Vincent Belgiovine
Executive Director & CEO
Spanning more than four decades Vince Belgiovine has cultivated an honorable reputation, he is sort after for his knowledge in all aspects of the real estate and construction industries. His apprenticeship began in the family owned construction business (Belgiovine Construction Group), established in 1967 by Vince’s father Giuseppe. Vince in the capacity of Sr.VP, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, the firm went on to become one of the most respected and trusted construction companies in New Jersey with expertise in the private and public sector consistently generating multi-millions in revenues. During Vince’s tenure at BCG, the firm was featured in many publications, and named one of the 50 fastest growing companies in New Jersey. Over the years, Vince has created many strong and long-standing relationships on a national and international level. He is widely respected by seasoned real estate professionals and retained for his advisory services. Vince’s experience, track record, knowledge and creative proprietary repositioning model, allows him to identify and maximize individual components offering income stream and capitalize on the greatest internal rate of return. At the epicenter of his proprietary repositioning model is managed risk, creating internal strategies that optimize value throughout the holding cycle.

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